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Demonstrations, strikes, protest action, riots, violent disorder.

How much is economic sabotage costing you?

How many days of leave have you used because of a barricaded, burning town? How many times have you feared for your children’s safety because of riots near their schools? Have you had to claim from insurance because of damage to your property during protest action?

These are not demonstrations. It is ECONOMIC TERRORISM.

250 incidents of destructive riots in one month.

Eight and a half acts of violent looting per day.

Violence, looting and damages are part of strikes and protest actions in South Africa. Trucks, trains, vehicles and infrastructure such as buildings, schools, clinics, businesses, tertiary institutions and roads are vandalised by economic terrorists daily.

These acts cost the South African economy billions of rands annually due to lost income, time and resources.

The number of claims handled by Sasria – the government's short-term insurer for damage caused by riots and terror – increased sharply in the 2018/19 financial year. Sasria processed more than 5 000 claims amounting to R1.7 billion in the past fiscal year.

When is the government going to start protecting the economy and residents against economic terrorists?

TLU SA will force the government to act against any form of economic sabotage during protest actions.

Stand with TLU SA if you are fed up of
violent disorder in South Africa.
Ekonomiese sabotasie 2020
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