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The government is trying to steal even more of your hard-earned money.

By law, the value of all properties is determined by municipal inspectors every four years. These values determine your services and property rates. 

These valuations have been inflated to unreasonably high, recently, so corrupt government officials can get their hands on even more cash.

The threat of expropriation without compensation holds another implication on the value of properties. Properties with a zero value – according to the proposals around expropriation without compensation on the table – should have a lower value.

Since there are no willing buyers, it is impossible to determine the selling price, and in turn, the market value cannot be determined either.

Higher property values also mean higher property tax rates, adding another burden on property owners. This, while property owners in rural areas barely receive any services from dysfunctional municipalities or councils.

Owners of land and properties MUST make sure of the value of their properties on the valuation rolls and must appeal before the deadline (thirty days after it is available) if it is not accurate.

TLU SA is also surveying inaccurate valuation rolls and encourages any landowner to report unreasonable increases to us.

TLU SA can assist in checking the valuation rolls and in appealing. Add your details on the form below, and we will contact you.

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