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TLU SA East and police build bonds Friday | 19 July | 2019

The police and farmers from Iswepe, near Piet Retief in Mpumalanga on 18 July 2019, cemented some steady relationships in the community. The official gathering between the MEC for Community Safety and Security in Mpumalanga – Cynthia Shabalala, the Provincial Commissioner of the Police – Genl. Zuma, Mpumalanga Agriculture, and TLU SA raised very positive



TLU SA launches campaign on unreasonable property valuations Wednesday | 01 April | 2020

TLU SA today launched a campaign to object to unreasonable property valuations.   South African municipalities are in the process of inspecting properties for general or supplementary valuation rolls. The value of a property determines the tariff imposed for services and taxes for said property.   “We have ascertained that the value of properties in


TLU SA worried about downgrade amidst COVID-19 Monday | 30 March | 2020

TLU SA is worried about the impact of Moody’s Investors Service’s downgrade of South Africa to junk state, given the worldwide threat the COVID-19 virus holds. The focus of the government and South Africa should now be to combat the spread of the virus and the threat to human lives. The reality is that the


TLU SA cautions responsibility from agriculture during 21-day lockdown Friday | 27 March | 2020

TLU SA cautions the agricultural sector of South Africa to undertake their daily task with great responsibility during the 21-day lockdown of movement, despite the enormous risk it poses. “The drastic measures will have a big influence on basically every sphere of the functioning of the country,” says Mr Louis Meintjes, the president of TLU


Agriculture, a strategic sector, must now be safe Wednesday | 25 March | 2020

Both TLU SA and Agri SA today called on their members to be more alert, and on the police to maintain visibility in rural areas during this time. As agricultural organisations, we realise that the police are currently under enormous pressure; therefore, both organisations undertook to cooperate with the police to ensure that agriculture can


TLU SA supports new regulations around COVID-19 Monday | 23 March | 2020

TLU SA supports the lockdown of 21 days announced by President Cyril Ramaphosa this evening. It is in the interest of South Africa.   “We are delighted that the president realises the critical role of the commercial farmer in ensuring food security and delivery,” says Mr Louis Meintjes, the president of TLU SA. “It is,


TLU SA announces guidelines on handling coronavirus on farms Tuesday | 17 March | 2020

TLU SA got working on the formulation of guidelines on how to handle the outbreak of COVID-19 (coronavirus), directly after President Cyril Ramaphosa’s announcement of a national disaster. “We want to emphasise that everyone should keep perspective and not go overboard,” says Mr Louis Meintjes, the president of TLU SA. “The coronavirus has the potential


TLU SA considers tax boycott of unreasonable increases of property values Tuesday | 10 March | 2020

TLU SA is investigating the possibility of boycotting municipal taxes if the government continues with unreasonable increases in the value of properties. South African municipalities are in the process of inspecting properties for general or supplementary valuation rolls. The value of a property determines the tariff imposed for services and taxes for said property. “We


TLU SA asks government to act against economic terrorism Wednesday | 04 March | 2020

TLU SA today launched a campaign to force the government to put an end to violent and destructive protest actions. Violence, looting and damages are part of strikes and protest actions in South Africa. Trucks, trains, vehicles and infrastructure such as buildings, schools, clinics, businesses, tertiary institutions and roads are vandalised by economic terrorists daily.


Goliat van Gat Pumpkin Festival attracts other giant vegetables Thursday | 27 February | 2020

The Goliat van Gat Pumpkin Festival – an initiative of TLU SA – wears a brand-new jacket this year. The Pretoria Farmers’ Market in Silverton, Pretoria hosts the festival on 7 March. It is well-known for the pumpkin growing competition where contenders try to outgrow each other’s giant pumpkins. The competition boasts prize money of


TLU SA sees positive signals in Budget Speech, but still worried about implementation Thursday | 27 February | 2020

TLU SA is pleased to see some positive signals from the Minister of Finance, Mr Tito Mboweni, during his Budget Speech, despite the small leeway he had for manoeuvring.   He confirmed that the increase in government wages, corruption and wasteful expenditure of state funds is a priority that must be brought under control to




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South African Fruit Trade Flow | Markets and Economic Research Centre Monday | 11 November | 2019

South Africa’s diverse weather and climatic conditions enable the country to cultivate and produce a variety of fruits. The country is known globally as a producer and exporter of citrus, deciduous and subtropical fruits. This issue of the Fruit Trade Flow Report looks at citrus fruit (grapefruit and lemons) and pome fruit (apples and pears).


2019 Congress

The following key topics will be addressed, after which a debating session will be held where possible solutions will be presented in order to formulate recommendations:

Address by the President
► Louis Meintjes | Sustainable Agricultural Production. Challenges and Opportunities | Presentation

Annual Report TLU SA

Practical utilisation of technology to promote sustainability in the agricultural sector
► Juanita Vorster | Change Specialist | Presentation | Bio

Overview of the South African economy with particular focus on the agricultural sector
► Ulrich Joubert | Independent Economist | Presentation | Bio

Farm for optimal profit – is it possible?
► Dr Philip Theunissen | Accountant and Agricultural Economist, COMPUTUS Management Bureau, CC | Presentation | Bio

Retention of ownership as a basis for economic growth
► Terence Corrigan | Project Manager, SA Institute of Race Relations | Presentation | Bio