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TLU SA East and police build bonds Friday | 19 July | 2019

The police and farmers from Iswepe, near Piet Retief in Mpumalanga on 18 July 2019, cemented some steady relationships in the community. The official gathering between the MEC for Community Safety and Security in Mpumalanga – Cynthia Shabalala, the Provincial Commissioner of the Police – Genl. Zuma, Mpumalanga Agriculture, and TLU SA raised very positive



TLU SA mid-year crime statistics show alertness prevents loss of life Tuesday | 07 July | 2020

The agricultural sector was struck by 26 farm murders and 141 farm attacks so far this year. It does, however, look like TLU SA’s advice on safety and alertness adds to protecting farmers against murder.   “It is clear that effective resistance and the implementation of self-defence techniques lead to the death or severe injuring


TLU SA takes on municipalities with protest action Wednesday | 01 July | 2020

TLU SA today launched a protest action against unreasonable property taxes.   According to law, it is the responsibility of the municipality to ensure specific economic and social levels within an allocated area. Municipalities must undertake economic impact studies to be able to provide these services. It should also establish the unforeseen impact disasters will


TLU SA demands changes for a sensible budget Tuesday | 23 June | 2020

The Minister of Finance, Tito Mboweni will on Wednesday announce his special adjustment or ‘emergency’ budget around COVID-19.   A budget is a necessity for any business, including a country. But, it is practically impossible to create a budget from nothing.   “A country’s budget is about sensible spending in the interest of the resident’s


Colonialism Monday | 22 June | 2020

President Cyril Ramaphosa’s blameshifting and accusations about a colonialist and racist economy is fuel on the fire of uncertainty regarding the country’s economy.   For years TLU SA offered solutions on how to create an environment which is favourable for the economy to grow. In 2005 TLU SA made constructive suggestions on how to introduce


Farm Watch activated after pressure from TLU SA Monday | 08 June | 2020

After public pressure facilitated by TLU SA, the Farm Watch can now operate legally again.   TLU SA in April urged the Minister of Police, Mr Bheki Cele and President Cyril Ramaphosa to activate the local Farm Watches. South Africans could support the action by signing a petition.   Patrolling by the crucially necessary watches


TLU SA request clarity about “radical economic transformation” in open letter Monday | 08 June | 2020

TLU SA requests clarity about statements calling the heritage of the economy racist and colonialist in an open letter to the government, addressed to President Cyril Ramaphosa.   The president made these statements during his recent meeting with SANEF. Furthermore, TLU SA wants the government to spell out what radical economic transformation – as mentioned


TLU SA wants all limitations lifted Monday | 01 June | 2020

TLU SA believes the government should lift all COVID-19 restrictions.   “We realise the danger of COVID-19, but given that we have no idea how long it will be with us, it is important to maintain a responsible balance in handling the situation,” says Mr Louis Meintjes, the president of TLU SA. “We suggest the


TLU SA objects to government’s work on Sunday Monday | 01 June | 2020

TLU SA has a serious objection to the government’s new trend of announcing important information on Sundays.   “We are very disappointed in the government’s insistence to host media conferences and meetings around COVID-19 on Sundays,” says Mr Louis Meintjes, the president of TLU SA. “President Ramaphosa goes to the trouble of announcing a day


TLU SA requests judicial commission on illegal trade of cigarettes Wednesday | 27 May | 2020

TLU SA today formally requested President Cyril Ramaphosa to set up a judicial commission to investigate the illegal trade of cigarettes and expose all parties involved.   Following the sudden about-turn on the sale of tobacco products, social and other media are abuzz with speculation that members of the seemingly clandestine Command Council are involved


TLU SA concerned about challenges because of continued lockdown Monday | 25 May | 2020

TLU SA is thankful that the government now accepts the essence of the suggestions about the lockdown the organisation made. The onus now lies mainly on South Africans to act responsibly to limit the spread of COVID-19.   The financial impact of the prolonged lockdown was, however, too big for many companies to continue.  




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Open Letter: Radical Economic Transformation Monday | 08 June | 2020

Dear President Ramaphosa Statements made to SANEF Regarding your conversation with SANEF on 31 May 2020, TLU SA seeks clarity about your statements calling the heritage of our economy racist and colonialist. You owe it to South Africa to explain in detail what is meant by radical economic transformation. Your statements exhibit a lack of


The role of technology in sustainable agriculture Tuesday | 14 April | 2020

The Fourth Industrial Revolution offers the agricultural industry the opportunity to not only increase productivity but also better support for farmers and economic sustainability. South Africa’s farmers are embracing technology. Agricultural technology, known as AgTech, enables farmers to gather information and data on all aspects regarding their farming operations. Cell phones have enabled farmers to


South African Fruit Trade Flow | Markets and Economic Research Centre Monday | 11 November | 2019

South Africa’s diverse weather and climatic conditions enable the country to cultivate and produce a variety of fruits. The country is known globally as a producer and exporter of citrus, deciduous and subtropical fruits. This issue of the Fruit Trade Flow Report looks at citrus fruit (grapefruit and lemons) and pome fruit (apples and pears).


2019 Congress

The following key topics will be addressed, after which a debating session will be held where possible solutions will be presented in order to formulate recommendations:

Address by the President
► Louis Meintjes | Sustainable Agricultural Production. Challenges and Opportunities | Presentation

Annual Report TLU SA

Practical utilisation of technology to promote sustainability in the agricultural sector
► Juanita Vorster | Change Specialist | Presentation | Bio

Overview of the South African economy with particular focus on the agricultural sector
► Ulrich Joubert | Independent Economist | Presentation | Bio

Farm for optimal profit – is it possible?
► Dr Philip Theunissen | Accountant and Agricultural Economist, COMPUTUS Management Bureau, CC | Presentation | Bio

Retention of ownership as a basis for economic growth
► Terence Corrigan | Project Manager, SA Institute of Race Relations | Presentation | Bio