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Strengthen private sector’s hand to assist, asks TLU SA

In his first medium-term budget speech, Minister of Finance, Mr. Enoch Godonwana, pointed out the importance of the private sector several times, but South Africa’s policy does not create an environment of trust for this sector.   Mr Godonwana is seeking private sector investments, partnerships to fill funding gaps for various Economic Reconstruction and Recovery


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Handling your world in agriculture

We all know that farming is hard work and gets more challenging each year as the industry is faced with huge demands on tight budgets using few resources. When time and productivity is of the essence in farming activities, Manitou has many creative solutions to make material handling simpler, faster and safer. The essence of


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South African Fruit Trade Flow | Markets and Economic Research Centre

South Africa’s diverse weather and climatic conditions enable the country to cultivate and produce a variety of fruits. The country is known globally as a producer and exporter of citrus, deciduous and subtropical fruits. This issue of the Fruit Trade Flow Report looks at citrus fruit (grapefruit and lemons) and pome fruit (apples and pears).