TLU SA Congress
During a committee meeting of the Pretoria Landbouw Maatskappij in 1896, the agenda provided for the founding of the Transvaalse Landbou-Unie. Words were put into action, and the TLU was founded on 29 September 1897.

The Congress is the annual highlight on TLU SA’s calendar where leaders and members have the opportunity to debate issues and ultimately formulate policy.  As our guest, we would also like to offer you the opportunity to contribute on behalf of your industry / company / organization where critical agricultural issues are debated collectively in order to ensure that agriculture in South Africa can prosper!

You are cordially invited to the 2019 TLU SA Annual Congress
Sustainable Agricultural production:  Challenges and Opportunities

Sustainable agriculture can be defined in different ways, but ultimately it seeks to sustain farmers, resources and communities by promoting farming activities that are profitable, environmentally sound and beneficial for communities.

Any business – including commercial farms – must be profitable to ultimately be economically viable or sustainable.  Environmental sustainability in agriculture means good stewardship of the natural resources available,  ensuring future generations have the ability to produce food to meet their own needs.  And last but not least, a thriving commercial agricultural sector is crucial to the healthy social and economic conditions of local communities.

Despite the increasing consensus on the importance of the commercial agricultural sector in a sound economy, the serious challenges facing the sector at the moment are only growing.  Factors like unsuccessful land redistribution projects, the threats of expropriation, agriculture-unfriendly legislation, deteriorating infrastructure, climatic challenges and the ever-increasing economic pressure are only contributing to the vulnerability of the sector.

TLU SA’s mission has always been to negotiate on behalf of the commercial farmer to enable them to stay safely and viably on their farms.  The protection and development of the commercial agricultural sector which is to the benefit of the whole of SA, remains TLU SA’s main priority.

Though the challenges are daunting, the opportunities are  both substantial and achievable.



Date and time: September 18, 2019 08:15–16:25 Date and time: September 18, 2019 19:00
Venue: CSIR Convention Centre – Diamond Hall
Meiring Naudé Road, Brummeria, Pretoria
Venue: CSIR Convention Centre – Amber Hall
Meiring Naudé Road, Brummeria, Pretoria

The following key topics will be addressed, after which a debating session will be held where possible solutions will be presented in order to formulate recommendations:

Practical utilisation of technology to promote sustainability in the agricultural sector
► Juanita Vorster | Change Specialist

Overview of the South African economy with particular focus on the agricultural sector
► Ulrich Joubert | Independent Economist

Farm for optimal profit – is it possible?
► Dr Philip Theunissen | Accountant and Agricultural Economist, COMPUTUS Management Bureau, CC

Retention of ownership as a basis for economic growth
► Terence Corrigan | Project Manager, SA Institute of Race Relations

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