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You can reduce your risk of becoming a victim of violence.

Countless South Africans have been subjected to the gravest invasion of their freedom by becoming victims of violence.

Section 12(1)(c) of the Constitution requires the state to protect us from such invasions by restraining criminals and discouraging others from committing criminal acts. However, the state’s utter failure to do so is painfully apparent, just from looking at its own statistics.

According to Stats SA, housebreaking or burglary is the number one crime in South Africa. An estimated 1,2 million housebreaking incidents occurred in the 2019/20 statistical year alone, affecting 891,000 households in our country. Like those on farms, South Africans living in remote areas are particularly vulnerable, as they reside far from any form of assistance.

Considering the grave danger South Africans face daily, it is utterly disgraceful that the state does not allow security expenditure incurred by a taxpayer in securing their residence to be deducted from their income tax.

Section 23(b) of the Income Tax Act prohibits us from deducting security expenses from our income tax, crippling our efforts to safeguard our homes and households.

The following are essential expenses for each household in South Africa and must be 100% tax-deductible –

  • defensive walls;
  • security cameras;
  • burglar alarms;
  • electric fences;
  • razor wire;
  • guard dogs;
  • 24-hour monitoring and armed-response services;
  • home insurance;
  • other home security measures and equipment; and
  • expenses pertaining to the upkeep of the items, as mentioned above.


Section 77 of the Constitution affords only the minister of finance the power to instigate the abovementioned amendment. Our home safety, the lives of our husbands, wives, children, parents, brothers and sisters are in his hands.

We call on all peace-loving South Africans, regardless of race, gender, age, or creed, to join us in one voice, demanding Minister Tito Mboweni amend the Constitution as mentioned above (click here). You can add your voice by sending the email below directly to the minister through this secure portal:

The letter below will accompany your submission:

Dear Minister Tito Mboweni,

South Africans are in a struggle for freedom from crime. We are good God-fearing people seeking to protect our own lives and the lives of those under our care from the criminal elements in our society.

These amendments recognise the measures we have already taken to protect ourselves in a country riddled with crime and allows us to create a safer future free from assault, robbery, rape, murder, torture and the like.

In short:

Please allow us to push back against the criminals that keep us prisoner, in our own homes or at least allow us to strengthen the bars that keep them from entering.

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***TLU SA will protect and save all relevant personal information as described in the applicable legislation and shall only use such personal information for the purpose stated herein. With completing the above form you agree and confirm that TLU SA may contact you telephonically. We thank you for your support of this critical campaign. I hereby give permission for my contact details in this submission to be sent to parliament.