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The Goliat van Gat Pumpkin Festival – an initiative of TLU SA – wears a brand-new jacket this year.

The Pretoria Farmers’ Market in Silverton, Pretoria hosts the festival on 7 March. It is well-known for the pumpkin growing competition where contenders try to outgrow each other’s giant pumpkins.

The competition boasts prize money of R12 000 for the heftiest pumpkin, R25 000 for a new South African record and R100 000 for a new world record. Peet Joubert holds the current record for a giant pumpkin in South Africa with a weight of 613kg. The world record stands at 1190kg.

The prettiest, ugliest and most original pumpkins will also receive prizes.

“A new section of the competition, which we are very excited about, is the other Giant Vegetable Competition,” says Mr Henri Combrink, the organiser. “It is a first for South Africa and a variety of vegetables, from beetroot to carrots, can be signed up for the competition.”

The VLU Overvaal branch will host a delicious Pumpkin Dish competition and contenders can sign up their tastiest pumpkin dishes.

Apart from the competitions a night market, beer garden and entertainment by Thys die Bosveldklong, and the Vasvat Dansorkes is part of the festival.

The contending pumpkins will be donated to charity organisations in Pretoria after the festival.