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TLU SA’s statistics about farm attacks do not correspond with the statistics the minister of police, Mr Bheki Cele presented in parliament today.

According to the department, there were only 46 farm attacks during 1 April 2019 and 31 March 2020, while TLU SA’s statistics – which have been kept up to date since 1990 – shows there were 410 farm attacks between 1 March 2019 and 28 February 2020. TLU SA measures statistics over the financial book year.

The statistics for murders on farms more or less corresponds with the department’s 49 in contrast with TLU SA’s 54 farm murders.

“We have trusted statistics about farm attacks, and it never corresponds with the official statistics of the department,” says Maj. Gen Chris van Zyl (ret), the deputy manager of TLU SA. “We do agree that there was an increase in farm attacks and murders since last year, it is only the numbers which differ.”

The statistics of TLU SA for 2018/19 shows 356 farm attacks to the 410 attacks of last year. The department showed an increase from 47 attacks to 49.

“Though we are dissatisfied with the difference in statistics, we are more concerned about the new trends we are picking up during attacks,” says Maj. Gen Van Zyl. “Kidnapping is becoming part of attacks on farms more and more, as we saw with the gruesome attack and murder of the family of Hartswater in the Northern Cape.

“TLU SA is distressed about the increased amount of attackers per attack. It seems to point to organised crime attacking farms.”

Even though the police had to focus their attention on the application of lockdown regulations since March this year, the statistics and feedback indicate lacking and reactive crime intelligence instead of prevention. The SAPS should focus on preventing serious violent crimes and murders.


Issued by:                  TLU SA

Date:                           31 July 2020

Enquiries:                  Mr Henry Geldenhuys, Deputy-President TLU SA,                                                          Cell.: 083 560 1273

Maj.Gen Chris van Zyl (ret), Deputy General Manager TLU SA,

                                    Cell.: 072 716 9299


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