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The Minister of Finance, Tito Mboweni will on Wednesday announce his special adjustment or ‘emergency’ budget around COVID-19.


A budget is a necessity for any business, including a country. But, it is practically impossible to create a budget from nothing.


“A country’s budget is about sensible spending in the interest of the resident’s of the country,” says Mr Louis Meintjes, the president of TLU SA. “You can hardly plan how to spend money you do not have. When a country further struggles to get any affordable loans because the government’s policies directly lead to junk status, an adjusted budget seems rather useless.


“South Africa’s debt – already in the range of 80% – have surpassed all logical boundaries,” he says. “The capacity to reimburse it from tax incomes shrinks by the day. The ANC cannot expect punch-drunk taxpayers to dump more money into the ANC’s bottomless pit, while they continue with the unacceptable and destructive governing style.”


Agriculture is a vital industry with many secondary sectors and job opportunities centred around it. Stability is essential for agriculture to function correctly. The expansion and management of infrastructure are crucial to transport products. It is of the utmost importance that disaster management is transparent and without any racial prejudice.


Minister Mboweni’s biggest challenge will be to set a budget which will stimulate economic growth. Given the status of our revenue, each decision should be tested against its impact on growth. The budget can only have a chance at success if the following aspects are in place:


  1. Fire all incapable government employees and adjust government salaries to rational levels;
  2. Prosecute all politicians and government officials involved with corruption to cleanse the cabinet;
  3. Create an independent tender board to approve all government tenders through transparent procedures. The council must consist of members of various political parties under the chairmanship of a judge;
  4. Clear the SAPS of incapable and corrupt members, and effectively put an end to crime;
  5. Put an end to all cadre deployment and appoint people on the grounds of expertise, despite race;
  6. Quit all policies which break down investor’s trust, like expropriation without compensation, BEE and the nationalisation of the Reserve Bank;
  7. Stop the ‘struggle’ mentality and become a government which takes decisions in the interest of its residents and not for self-enrichment.


“Before we can entrust any more spending to the ANC government, they must implement the above,” says Mr Meintjes. “Without it, no budget can be implemented sensibly. The ravaging of the treasury has become synonym with the ANC. We, the taxpayers who want to build the future of the country, cannot keep on financing the government’s failures and wasteful spending.”


Agriculture can and want to make a vast contribution – make it possible for us to do so.



Issued by:                  TLU SA


Date:                           23 June 2020


Enquiries:                  Mr Louis Meintjes, President TLU SA,                                                                               Cell.: 082 461 7262


Mr Bennie van Zyl, General Manager TLU SA,

                                    Cell.: 082 466 4470

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