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TLU SA takes note of the further set of promises made by President Cyril Ramaphosa during the hybrid Joint Sitting of the National Assembly (NA) and the National Council of Provinces (NCOP) to outline South Africa’s economic reconstruction and recovery plan.

“It all sounds very nice, but the root of the problem is still the policy environment which drove expertise from the country,” says Mr Henry Geldenhuys, the president of TLU SA. “The ability to deliver all but evaporated and the ability to do service delivery is gone too.”

TLU SA is satisfied with the intense focus on local production and products and will support this policy.

“We want to see that the four legs of the recovery plan make a difference in practice,” says Mr Geldenhuys. “The economy won’t be regulated by political announcements of who should do what. The market power principle will be the deciding factor to evaluate any efforts of recovery. Individuals must take responsibility for what the economy claims. “

The government continuously emphasises the empowerment of women. The approach should be to create a climate through policies, in which people want to create opportunities. It is not only the women in South Africa who depends on a robust and fair economy. Every South African depends on it.

As an organisation dealing with the onslaught of crime and the handling thereof, the announcement that the government will take a strong stance against crime sounds hollow.

“Will the cadres continue to enrich themselves and a year later we again here that they are doing something about it?” Mr Geldenhuys wants to know. “The believability of the government’s seriousness is very close to the point where we cannot trust them at all. We hear how the people responsible for acting against corruption is involved with it every week.”

The results of the government’s handling of the COVID19 pandemic on the economy had a detrimental effect on various value chains. Investors lost their trust in the country even before the pandemic as a result of policies creating uncertainty. That is the root of the economic problems which dunked the country into junk status.

“It is critically important to lift all limitations on the flow of the economy immediately,” says Mr Geldenhuys. “Let everyone take responsibility for COVID19. The state should only give firm guidelines to be applied by individuals.

“We can only hope that the recovery plan is better for the economy and the country than the lockdown was.”


Issued by:                  TLU SA

Date:                           15 October 2020

Enquiries:                  Mr Henry Geldenhuys, President TLU SA,                                                                        Cell.: 083 560 1273

Mr Bennie van Zyl, General Manager TLU SA,

                                    Cell.: 082 466 4470

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