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Property tax... do you get your money’s worth?

According to law, your municipality or district council must provide all your essential services such as waste removal, sewerage and sanitation, water and electricity. It is also the responsibility of the municipality to ensure specific economic and social levels within an allocated area. This includes offering relief during and after disasters and creating job opportunities.

Municipalities must undertake economic impact studies to be able to provide these services.

If a municipality does not comply, you can declare a dispute and eventually withhold your property tax until the problem is solved.

TLU SA is in the process of taking on municipalities and districts to ensure services are relevant to the property taxes. Register now as an interested person to enjoy representation when we take on your municipality.

If you are dissatisfied with the service of your municipality or district concerning the rates you pay for it, fill in your details below.

You will receive an email from TLU SA which explains the next steps, as well as a letter with your details filled in on it, which you must then send to your own municipality/district. We will also supply you with the contact details of all the municipalities/districts, so you know where to send yours.

It is vital to take this first step before you can declare a dispute and finally withhold your property tax until your tariffs are adjusted.

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**With the completing the above form you agree and confirm that TLU SA may contact you telephonically. TLU SA will protect and save all relevant personal information as described in the applicable legislation and shall only use such personal information for the purpose stated herein. ImpactNOW a business partner and operator of TLU SA may contact you telephonically to discuss and offer you, the benefits the TLU SA can provide to you including but not limited to, a monthly membership contribution. In the event that you submit the form you undertake that it is done so freely, voluntarily and not under duress and that all the personal information submitted is correct and accurate as at the date of submission. We thank you for your support of this very important campaign.

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