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Save the economy
Save lives

COVID-19 practically gave the South African economy – which was already on its knees – the deathblow. The continued limitations on South Africans, and the uneven support from the government, makes the situation even worse. So bad, that it is difficult to see the economy restored in future.

Now TLU SA allows all South Africans to share how the lockdown influences their lives – and their pockets – and which steps will save the economy.

TLU SA will process the feedback and include it in our plan to save the economy to the government.

Answer the questions below:

Red ons ekonomie 2020
Does the ANC govern the country reasonably, fair and without discrimination? *
Are you an employer or an employee? *
Do you receive an income? *
What are the biggest threat to you and your family’s existence? *
Does the lockdown regulations stop the spread of COVID-19? *
Die inperkingregulasies is *
Are you in the position to ensure your family has enough food in the future? *
Can the economy be saved? *
Contact details: 012 804 8031 / / *By filling in your details on this form, you agree that TLU SA may contact you telephonically. TLU SA saves and protects all personal data. ImpactNOW is a partner of TLU SA and may be in contact to explain TLU SA's viewpoints and to make membership options and benefits available to you. Thank you for supporting this critical case.

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