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The government can take anything you own if the Expropriation Bill is approved. Land is just the start.

The Ad Hoc committee to amend Section 25 of the Constitution published new suggested amendments for comment.

Watch this (Afrikaans) video for more information on what it entails

The deadline for comment is Friday, 13 August 2021.

You are welcome to add your own comments or copy the following paragraph and add it as your comment.

I object to the amendments to the Constitution suggested in the Draft Constitution Eighteenth Amendment Bill.

I believe that the existing owner of a piece of land should be compensated at market value if the government expropriates said land (and improvements thereon) for land reform purposes. Thus, I find nil compensation unacceptable in these circumstances.

I am also not convinced that the government’s definition of public interest is indeed in the public’s interest.

Furthermore, the government has proved without fail that it cannot protect the land as the heritage of all citizens.

Therefore, if the government becomes the custodian of ‘certain’ land, it will not automatically lead to all citizens gaining access to the land on an equitable basis.

The economic effect of expropriation without compensation will be devastating to this country. It will reduce foreign investment and drain South Africa of all expertise.

I am opposed to all of the suggested amendments

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