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Ierse Boer Wil Gratis Werk In Sa Landbou Saterdag | 27 Maart | 2021

While I was doing some research into farming in South Africa, I came across the TLU and wanted to reach out.

I’m a passionate 25 year old farmer/conservationist from a 6th generation Irish farming family and I’m looking to get involved with agriculture in South Africa.

This may sound very unusual but I would love to volunteer and work for free on a farm in Transvaal (sic) in order to gain a better understanding of the challenges and solutions to farming on the continent.

I’m sure there are many challenges I’ve not experienced in the UK/Ireland and simply turning up and looking at farms seem like an unpractical way to gain understanding of farming in the region. I think hands on, first hand experience is the only way to truly understand it.

I’m more than happy to work for six to 12 months completely free. I have a degree in countryside and estate management and have been working on farms since I can remember. I really want to explore the agricultural industry in South Africa.

I understand the current pandemic may delay this a while but I’m more than happy to wait a few months.

Scott Olden


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